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Within earshot…

Mobile devices provide availability and connectivity anytime…anyplace…anywhere…and I believe we are becoming numb and often complacent, not to mention sometimes rude as we allow our conversations to be heard by one and all. The power of the words; the tone of a voice can send a deafening message about who we are.

What is the motivation behind talking so anyone can hear? Consider conversations you have heard…trash talk, abusive talk, bragadocious talk… all create an impression of one’s character, the way you treat others at home or a work.  I am sure most of us have heard a sampling of these.

Could that loud voice be to make a statement or impression to those within ear shot or does it reflect one’s smallness, and insecurities? The saddest of all options is the person so transparent he/she doesn’t really care what is seen or heard by others.

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