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Navigating a Concourse…

Airport Concourses are often as difficult to navigate as an interstate in a large city. Driving in evening rush traffic can be a challenge as one weaves in and out of lanes, watching for cars that suddenly dart into your lane.

Some airport concourses manage people walking or running to their connections better than others. The Detroit airport has very wide concourses with rolling escalators to help moving people quickly and easily through the airport. Older airports don’t have the amenities that newer airports requiring me to be on my toes and aware of my surroundings.

Concourse Calamities…

This week a man texting almost knocked me over…he never looked up to see someone was in front of him while walking and texting. Nothing can be that important. Watch out pesky texters are everywhere!

Cautiously continuing to my gate I found myself traversing through a maze of people on cell phones, headphones, reading books or eating a meal in the middle of the concourse….the gate was overloaded with passengers…no place to sit so many had migrated into the concourse why waiting to board the plane. Most oblivious to their surroundings….an accident looking for a place to happen. Someone turns to speak to a friend….the backpack swings around knocking into the person standing close by…that person jumps and bumps the person next to him drinking cup of java…..not a pretty site. I was just glad it wasn’t me!

Travel Tips:

1. Don’t text and walk

2. Be aware of your surroundings so as not to block those walking down the concourse.

3. If carrying backpacks, large purses, or large bags remember the people around you.

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