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The precious gift of time….


Traveling on a regular basis for work is an often a grueling and tiresome job or it can be stress free…enjoyable…ending in a sense of satisfaction. There are times when traveling becomes a lonesome job….I feel it most when I’m on the road for an extended number of days…not returning home for a quick change of clothes and a good night’s sleep in my own bed (which always makes me feel like a new woman!). If I leave the US and go where I don’t speak the language…by my little self…without a traveling buddy…..Feeling isolate is magnified.


As a woman, traveling to another country alone requires a little more planning. We are so lucky to have mobile technology today and there are so many apps available to help us lower our stress level when traveling to other countries.

Translate is an app that lets you type or record the sentence you want to say…it then puts it in the appropriate language…and will speak it out loud or allow you to show it to someone in large print

Conversion Free one of many free conversion apps really help manage currency and tipping appropriately when in another country.

Airline Apps are available that allow you to know what gate you will be departing and landing from as well as making you aware of any delays.


All of these things make a difference, but the best gift of travel is someone unexpectedly extending an act of kindness. I am reluctant to ask people I am working with to show me their city or go with me to dinner….but when someone offers to take me sightseeing or out to dinner…to me that is the most gracious expression of kindness….because I know that person is giving their time to make my trip more enjoyable. IT IS THE BEST!

On a recent trip, I was blessed to have the hand of friendship extended not by one…but by FIVE amazing young men and women who made me laugh, and see sights and taste food that I would have missed had I remained in my hotel room. What a wonderful gift of time they gave!

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Thought for today….Have you extended yourself to a new acquaintance? It is always easier to entertain someone you know coming in town for a visit, but how about the person who has just moved to town or someone attending a business meeting at your office? Extend yourself in friendship …you may not realize what a blessing they will become in your life as well as the blessing they will receive….you may even find a new friend(s) soooo…Look for someone who you can reach out to…”Return to the roots of giving”A mis nuevos amigos … Gracias por su mano de la amistad y el regalo de tiempo!

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