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Have pillow will travel….


Have you ever noticed that more travelers seem to be carrying their pillows on the airplane? I find this a perplexing thought and came up with a series of reasons what might drive a man…but mostly women to carry a big, fat, fluffy pillow onto an already crowed plane….

This inquiring mind wanted to know…

1. Does a pillow count as a piece of carry-on… like a purse and a business bag?

2. Are they afraid of the bed bugs that might be on the hotel pillow…

3. Do they genuinely believe they can only sleep on that pillow…

4. Do they like drawing attention to themselves when they ride on the airplane….

5. Does their pillow makes them feel more like they are at home….

6. Is it preventative so they won’t be a pain in the neck when they get a pain in their neck from sleeping on a plane…

Maybe the need for pillows is due to the structure of an airline seat…even the wings on the head rest are far from sufficient…some seats don’t even have them…so whiplash can be severe when you suddenly doze off….I can understand taking a pillow on a long car trip…but carrying one thru the airport isn’t for me.

Further research showed a wide variety of pillows other than your  home pillow, that can be purchased for travel in the airport or on Amazon

1. We all recognize those small neck pillows that people wrap around their carry-on luggage…sometimes they look extremely worn and in need of a replacement.


2. A unique  and rather large pillow is one you blow-up once you are on the plane and use it on the travel tray…a little oversized for me!

3. Then an unusually long, slim neck pillow that can be blown up and designed for total body comfort.


4. Last but not least is the Neck Support Pillow…which I thought would be very restrictive and too confining!

So what does the research so as to the WHY?

Many people just take their big, fluffy pillow because they like it…so there you have it!

As for me…I will continue to fly sans pillow…as it gives me something to look forward to when I arrive home!

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