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You get what you pay for…

Yesterday, I flew to Atlanta on business. When I arrange my travel, I am required to stay within certain travel policies…one being that a flight must be within $100 of the lowest fare provided. I usually fly Delta to Atlanta because it is direct, and the price is right, but not this week. A new plane’s in town! Not a big plane, not a medium size plane, and not even a small commuter(25 seater), but a puddle jumper as I call it….11 seats and a prop….$200 under all other airlines!

So I had no option but to book my flight on this delight!….I recieved a call from the airline, the day before my flight explaining that they didn’t have a gate at the airport.  I was to go down to ground transportation at the airport and a shuttle would take me to an air strip off site…I am suddenly not so sure this will be good day of travel.

I now move to cheerleader mode…how bad can it be….only a 40 minute flight…over the mountain…don’t be silly you fly all the time…it will be just fine.

I wake up to snow and ice on Monday…arrived at the airport a little early to be sure there are no hiccups…I am already considering alternatives in case something happens.

I go to the ground transportation level and look for airline signage and don’t see anything. I approach the shuttle service counter and ask for directions…the man pointed across the door….”Do you see those two fold-up chairs over there?”…

“The one with the paper sign?” I said.

“Yep, that’s where you wait.”

I looked across and I saw two chairs with a paper sign across them displaying the airline name….not exactly a confidence builder.

I patiently waited by the fold-up chairs… A woman approached with a cell phone attached to her ear…”you waitin on this flight?”…I nodded yes….”well its been delayed for 4 hours and will more than likely be cancelled due to the weather….you’d better get another flight. I can’t tell you much else”. She turned on her heels and disappeared in a flurry.

I must say that hearing that a flight has been cancelled is never music to my ears….but yesterday it was probably the best news I could have heard!

It took all day….I waited at the airport until almost 4 to catch a late afternoon flight….not the way I like to spend the day…but I certainly felt safe and sound as I boarded the 757 jet!

Airline Tip: Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to travel. While small planes are safe, they are not always dependable in poor weather conditions! A day of relaxation on a fun trip can be eaten up by a day in the airport waiting for another flight due to poor weather conditions!

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