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Who has your back?

When life happens, I clam up! Do you ever get overwhelmed when life is throwing so much at you? I sure have felt that way for the last six months! We had two wonderful weddings which brought great joy to all of us, followed by my three siblings having serious health issues. Those of you who know me, know I am a doer...a cook...a driver...locater of whatever is needed kind of sibling. The more I do, the less time I have to worry. Do you find worries creeping into your mind...what will... and before you know it you are burdened with sadness, anger, guilt, or loss.

Have you noticed who heave backpacks are for kids today?! My grandson is in 3rd grade and he has a backpack for school that is as big as he is. He often walks leaning forward due to the number of books, lunch bag, laptop and all the other items needed for school. NOW THAT'S A BURDEN!

Our lives can often become burdened with challenges, concerns and issues especially in our world today. I am sure that all of our backpacks look different. What do you carry in yours? Our children are often carrying the burdens of anxiety, fear, and sadness especially as we watch the world around us.

My sweet husband often talks about how kids as well as adults keep adding rocks aka...worries and concerns into their backpack of life never being able to release them and move forward.

When I become overwhelmed, I realize that I have forgotten who is happy to carry my backpack full of worries and concerns. I am reminded in my quiet time of Matthew 11:28

when Jesus says..."Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.'

Letting go can be hard....until I open God's Word...I am reminded that He has my back! As I look outside my little world, my worries are very minuscule in reality to those families in Ukraine. I am indeed blessed.

So today and tomorrow and the weeks ahead, I plan to let go of my concerns and focus my prayers on the people in Ukraine, who have lost everything. May we all lift them up daily and give what we can to help these families in much greater need. I often find when I focus on others my backpack suddenly gets lighter.

Have a blessed week.

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