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Where has sportsmanship gone….

What is happening to our world?…As a nation we continue to demonstrate the inability to be good sports. The Super Bowl is always an exciting game to watch in person, at home, at a bar or eatery surrounded by friends cheering for different teams. Sports is all about winning or losing…nothing has changed… it has always been that way. I have no doubt that the over consumption of alcohol encourages the opportunity for being crude, rude and


I found myself appalled at Egypt’s eruption of anger, destruction, chaos and deaths the other night over the loss of a soccer game…. then last night we were no better in the United States. I was repulsed over the sight of students at the Amherst campus and adults being disruptive and destructive…a disgrace

to our country, their state and their school campus. As a nation, it appears every year we become less civilized and immature in the sports arena. It is frightening to see the lack of respect for property as well as the safety of others. This doesn’t happen overnight…it happens over years of failing to teach and model sportsmanship to our children….As a nation shouldn’t we set the example rather than be the example?

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