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What was I thinking?

We all have different times in our lives when life is simply crazy...too fast paced and often overwhelming. As I began to write, I decided to look up other words for"crazy". The Thesaurus has a robust list of synonyms...nutty as a fruitcake, off one's rocker, up the pole, not all there, off the wall, out to lunch, unbalanced, unhinged, unstable, disturbed, distracted...maybe I should choose a better word for how I feel! Maybe I should say my life is full right now...overflowing with exciting things that are keeping me busy.

How can that be...we are in the midst of a pandemic...Covid-19 is here alive and well! Just because it is lurking around doesn't mean life can't be busy or overwhelming. (Now overwhelming is a much better word...similar to swamped, deluged, overloaded!)

We all have daily decisions to make...which type of mask should I wear today? If you are like me... you have one for the gym that lets you breath more easily when you are huffing and puffing during pilates, a cute one for going out to eat because you can take it off once you sit down. Finally, you must have a sturdy one for the GROCERY....that will protect you from everyone else in the store.

When I started my blog, for some reason I thought it would be easy to write 3 times a week. Why not...I was sitting around and needed something to seemed like a good idea at the time. What I learned is much easier to write when you are out and about doing stuff, hanging out with friends and living your life. Something funny or exciting inspires one to write about their life experiences. My most read blogs are about my life and what I not so much. That one may fade into the sunset and I will focus on the ones you seem to like the most.

There is also another reason for fewer posts at this time and you are the first to know because you are reading this post! I have wanted to write a special Children's Book for the last 20 years. Five years ago, I shared the story with a friend who works in the publishing world. She liked my story concept and that was the end of the story. Fast forward to March of this year. My friend called and said, "Have you written the book?" I said, "No, but I will!" I hung up the phone and are bored out of your mind so try to write this story!

That story had wings! It will be released March 20, 2021! It is a precious book, gloriously illustrated for children the age of two to five. The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap? crazy, busy life is swirling around this new book. I am hoping that you will help push my book out to your world of friends and family. It is a whimsical story about The Nodders, magical creatures who leave special treats for children while they are napping. A great holiday or baby gift for any family. Enjoy this brief video about The Nodders and why I wrote this children's book. Be sure to go our website simply (no www) to pre-oder your book! Click below:

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Tina Huggins
Tina Huggins
13. Dez. 2020

Thanks Cyndy!

Gefällt mir

12. Dez. 2020

Tina you bring reality to life! I looked at my clothes, my jewelry and shoes and thought Wow I have not worn those in a long time! I wondered if it was retirement or quarantine ... I think it’s both! And God Bless ball caps and glasses... I do skip the makeup now. It will probably expire before the pandemic ends! Love your writing!

Gefällt mir
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