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What makes them special….

If you fly, you know the drill once the boarding door has closed. The announcement from the flight attendant is clear. “Everyone please power down and turn off all cell phones, blackberries, blueberries, iPods, Nanos or anything with an on/off switch.” It doesn’t get any clearer….this message doesn’t mean “If you would like”, or “when you complete your conversation”, or “sometime in the next few minutes”! It means you need to tell the person it is time to disconnect.

On almost every flight I take there is always one or more people who fail to follow this request? I have wondered what makes them think the request doesn’t apply to them.

Do they feel that they are more important? Many of us have pressing calls and manage to shut down.

I once sat next to a man (non-American)who talked on his phone as the plane took off!    Something that made me very nervous.

Were these people line breakers when they were in school or are they so arrogant that they rule out the rules?

I view them as those who want what they want…when they want it.

Lack of self-control caused a man to go thru airport security to kiss a girl friend…only to disrupt the lives of thousands of people?

Rules are rules: Something as small as not powering down to something as large as going thru airport security can create an impression about who you are…a rule breaker

What will you choose to model to the younger generation?

Challenge: You can make a difference…a positive impression. Consider leaving your ego at the gate….even though you have one more call to make.

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