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Walkin off the Covid-10!

I told a friend the other day that I felt like my Christmas 10 was now my Covid 20! Well, I haven't really gained 20 lbs.,but certainly 10 in the last three months. With the YMCA being closed, my daily workouts have stopped. Soooo for the first 2.5 months, I have been indoors doing what I love to do...COOKING SWEETS! I don't have to tell you that this hasn't helped my waist line. I finally had to have a talk in the mirror..."Get a grip on your eating and cooking. Get back to exercising tout de suite!"

How much exercising are you doing? My daughter bought a treadmill, my daughter-in-law exercises by watching classes on her phone, and my bonus daughter runs! be young and enthusiastic about exercise. I think I gave myself permission to slack off and take a break. That's not necessarily a bad thing...we all have times when we need to step back, change our routine, and simply take a rest. Most of us have had that opportunity except for our amazing Healthcare Workers that have given so much in every community.

I don't know when you exercise or walk...I usually do both early in the morning for several reasons....I can mark it off my list, I walk early to beat the heat, and I know if I don't go early it's probably not going to happen!

I think more people are walking this year because it is one of the few things we can do and still practice social distancing. Though I have found talking to a friend six feet away isn't that easy and if you walk next to that friend you may get a stink-eye from someone who thinks you aren't social distancing enough!

On one of my walks last week, I decided to take some photos with my iPhone. The iPhone 11 takes great photos and captures movement which I love. I usually walk three to four miles, on this day it took me little longer and what fun I had. I found myself stopping to smell flowers, an actually found joy in seeing the different ways people landscape their yards thus began my photo taking of what I found interesting.

It was a reminder that God created this beauty for us to see, touch and smell. As I walked...what a view! A woman running her dog, a couple taking a walk-talk before their day began. Suddenly, it wasn't just a walk to lose weight, but an opportunity to notice the scenery, smell the flowers, watch water systems running with glorious water sprays that glistened in the morning sun. My heart was happy and I had such fun capturing moments that I couldn't wait to get back to the house and show Mark my photos.

How are your walks? Do you just walk to get it done or do you take time to notice and enjoy the surroundings? If your neighborhood doesn't offer a place of beauty....don't let that stop you! Find a park where you can enlarge your heart...that is indeed what we need to fill our bucket up so we can offer kindness, love and support to others.

Take a walk today and see what you can see...It might be your best walk yet!

Healthline posted an article last year about the benefits of starting your day with a walk.

Top 10 reasons to start your day with a walk:

1. You will boost your energy - A study that found 10 minutes of walking up stairs was more energizing than a cup of coffee. (I won't dare suggest that to my husband!)

2. It improves your mood - We all know some people this could help! Reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue and can reduce depression.

3. Your exercise is DONE for the day. Woohoo!

4. Possible weight-loss. Walking at a moderate pace for 30 mins can burn up to 150 calories. Every little bit helps.

5. It provides a number of health benefits such a boosting your immune system.

6. It strengthens your muscles in your legs. Be sure you are walking up and down hills.

7. It may improve your mental clarity and focus during the day. It may even help some think more creatively. Research shows that walking opens up a free flow of ideas, which may help you problem-solve better than if you’re sitting or remaining sedentary.

8. You might even sleep better at night. Those who exercised in the morning versus the evening experienced better sleep quality at night. Here is a study you might like to read.

9. Morning walks help you beat the heat! 10. Walking in the morning may help you make better eating decisions during the day.

This is my Father's world

And to my listening ears

All nature sings and round me rings

The music of the sphere by Franklin L. Sheppard

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