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Two vaccine shots down... nowhere to go but up!

In early March 2020, Mark and I traveled to New York City to meet the people who would be handling Annie's wedding in August of 2020...little did we know that we would not be returning to the Big Apple anytime soon, much less having a wedding in August. We all have stories about the year of Covid-19.

I actually purchased a Covid-19 puzzle for all my children as a reminder of what we all went through this past year.

For so many, it has been a year of filled with fear of the unknown and the possibility of getting Covid-19. Depression for teens and loss of learning for so many children attending public schools that failed to adapt their schools so that children could safely return to in-class learning.

Many have experienced a family member with Covid, someone dying from Covid, working from home with little ones underfoot, the loss of a job, and lets not forget that most of us have not had much fun. What have you missed most of all this past year?

Here are the top ten things that I have missed!

10. Ice cream cones at McDonalds

9. Travel anywhere

8. Having birthday lunch with close friends

7. Dance lessons

6. The Cabaray piano bar listening to John Jonethis play while chatting with friends

5. Civility and kindness in our country

4. Attending my Church

3. Seeing my son, daughter-in-law; my bonus daughter and son-in-law

2. Seeing my grand-daughter in over a year

1. Being maskless

How thankful I am for the hard work done to create these vaccines at such a rapid pace! These vaccines will ensure that we can return to living our lives. I have had my two shots and look forward to being 2 weeks past the second shot next week. Many are still frightened to take the vaccine, but I would encourage everyone to consider all the vaccines we have take over the years that have protected us from other diseases. Together as a nation we can ensure success, and put the pandemic behind us. I'm ready to unmask and live my life to the about you?!

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