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Traveler Tales has a new home and new name...Appsolutely You Can!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Life is said to be a dance...I wholeheartedly AGREE! October 10, 2014, I married the most loving and amazing man. We have a terrific blended family with five amazing children and 2 grandchildren. I took a respite from work to enjoy living, traveling and spending time with Mark.

I am sharing my last post from 2014 as it is a good place to begin for those who are new and followers who may not have read my last post.

I will be blogging three areas that I love to talk about.You can read them all or choose your favorite. A new section will be added next spring which I am very excited about. My followers will be the first to know! If you enjoy what you are reading please invite your friends to join!

As I prepared this new Blog Site, I decided to look at one of my final blogs. Re-reading it reminded me of how life has changed and yet in some ways it has come full circle! I am excited to say that "The Traveler" has a new home and is looking forward sharing new stories about life, learning and of course my personal favorite - cooking! So let's begin where I left off in 2014...

October 2014

As I stepped outside early this morning to enjoy the cool, crisp air….the lack of humidity brings a smile to my face considering that it might not be a bad hair day! I look outside the window where I am writing and I can see a variation of yellowish-green trees letting me know that change is around the corner. Fall is approaching… I so enjoy watching the glorious colors of the Tennessee trees knowing that the cold chill of winter is around the corner.

Change in life is like fall in Tennessee. It comes and goes in many forms…I have lived through a number of changes. Becoming a mother and realizing I would never sleep the same in my life…becoming single and responsible for three children…being an entrepreneur full of hope only to discover my venture wasn’t going to stay afloat due to circumstances beyond my control. Not working for the first time in my life and wondering how I would make it! God was in it all and carried me through.

Faith is about waiting...and waiting longer if need be! After 17 years of being single, I met this wonderful man. It is time for a new adventure and a chance for change.

Is it hard for for you to embrace change?

Consider this:

1. Change can help us grow, become a better human being, and make new discoveries about ourselves…if we are able to accept the new role or situation in our life.

2. Change is certain to happen to all of us. Think about how many times you have been blindsided by change…and you are still standing.

3. Change brings varied emotions….sheer joy, fear, rage, disappointment, anticipation or surprise just to name a few. If you look back at your life when change took place…what strength do you now have that you didn’t have before?

4. Change can pull us down into the “pit of pity” if we aren’t careful. My faith in God has pulled me out of the depths of despair and fear. As I seek Him more, I have found that He will take care of me…though it often takes longer than I would like. Every change I have faced has ultimately enriched my life or made me a stronger woman.

5. Change can alter one’s life in unexpected ways. At the onset, we are often caught off-guard and are unable to see the forest for the trees…hang tight to see what is around the corner.

6. Change often means giving something up, letting something go or simply making adjustments.

Sometimes change forces us to take a chance…become a stronger person…try something new…REACH for the STARS.

That is what I plan to do….instead of being on a plane, I will be working in town instead of out of town, writing more, seeking out my creative spirit…dreaming…learning…and becoming a part of my community.

Am I scared? Not this time…I’m excited to discover a new normal and watch how this change transforms my life. The Traveler’s Tells will continue…the name may change…but new experiences will be shared about my adventures and discoveries.

Is change in the air for you? Jump into a new adventure…embrace whatever hits you, look up! God has you in the palm of His hand. Watch who you become!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There is a time for everything, and a season

for every activity under the heavens

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