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Times…they are a changing…

This morning I arrive at my school site bright and early…you see it isn’t easy getting into schools these days. The Salahi’s may have gotten into the White House, but getting into a school is a different story. All doors are locked, there is a button that you press to be given permission to go to the school office (you just hope in the summertime that someone is listening for that buzzard). Some schools want your business ID, some want your finger prints, some your

driver’s license….and everyone wants your photo. I really have to behave myself with all this personal information being exchanged.

I have just been through the first step which takes place in the school office…once you pass the mustard you are allowed to go to the training room…sometimes it’s a cake walk and other times it’s Fort Knox…today I had to be

with someone who used a scan key to unlock the door to gain access the classrooms…going and coming.

What a sad commentary for our country….that requires these steps to be taken so our children learn in a safe environment….

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