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This is the Day...

I grew up having breakfast with my family every morning until I left for college. Even when I came home for holiday breaks, we all had breakfast together. Our round, wooden breakfast table had a lazy susan that we loved to spin as fast as we could when someone wanted something! It was handed down to my father and is still being used by one of his grandchildren today. Every breakfast began with us saying, "This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24. Most days a daily devotional followed our breakfast. This important foundation provided by my parents had a profound impact later in my life. My children grew up going to church and together we said the same prayer. We had morning devotionals when they were little, but these dwindled as they became teens...looking back I wish I had done a better job continuing the devotions. With all the challenges teens and young adults face today, there is a greater need to have faith in God.

I too pulled life got busy and I thought I could manage my life until it began to unravel. We may leave God, but He never leaves us. I remembered that even with all the challenges in my life, God was there to carry me through. I was not in charge of my life...I needed His help on a daily basis.

Knowing God is paramount, especially today. It is difficult to pick up any paper or watch any news outlet that reveals much love, acts of kindness, or peaceful interactions. How have we moved so far away from peace, joy, and kindness to others? If each of us reaches out to someone who has a different opinion and extends a kindness, a listening ear, a non-judgement heart we will begin to see change. This morning my heart was filled with this song "It Is Well With My Soul" sung by the Nashville Studio Musicians. We are all God's children...let's practice loving one another this week.

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