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The Face in the Mirror

Saturday, I was up early with a full To-Do list:

  • Bake Blueberry Muffins

  • Exercise

  • Biz Phone Call

  • Work on Christmas cards

  • Write

  • Head over to a friend's house for magnolia cuttings

  • Decorate the mailbox and front of the house

  • Run errands

Who doesn't have a To-Do list this time of year? Even with a Pandemic, life goes on...

Most people have a morning routine. I rise early as I have never been one to sleep late, much to my sweet husband's dismay as he loves to sleep. My routine is pretty consistent...brush teeth...have coffee with my quiet time...exercise... and dress (which is now a casual laid-back style), put on my face. You know the regular things girls do to get ready for the day. Even with Covid, I consistently put on lipstick as I head out the door only to remember that I have to wear a the lipstick that I'm wearing is on the mask.

I have barely worn the clothes in my closet this Athleta exercise clothes have become my uniform most days and they have stood the test of wear and tear, after being worn daily over the last 10 fading, no times they have been a little more snug than usual, but they still look good. There is a downside to something being made means fewer reasons to shop. Just look at the money we women will save this year without holiday parties and New Year's Celebrations. This is the year of dressing down!

Back to my story about Saturday, I was up; dressed and marking off my To-Do was mid-afternoon and I needed to get my errands done. As I headed out the door, I happened to glance in a mirror...I did a double take only to see me without makeup and a messy head of hair! I felt like Kevin in Home Alone as he stood in front of the look had nothing to do with "Old Spice" on my cheeks, but more about what I had forgotten to do.

I could never leave the house like this, so I ran upstairs to the bathroom. What about my messy hair? Every woman know what a pain it can be to do your hair in a rush. Thank goodness, my ball cap was next to the mirror...a quick ponytail place in my ball cap... problem solved. Putting on makeup was a different my age it takes more than five minutes to become presentable to the outside world. What to do?

I suddenly realized that it was 2020 and Covid-19 made it easy....I simply grabbed my sunglasses and put on my mask as a time saving get away to hop in the car and run my errands! I had no shame nor embarrassment as I went from place to place because no one around me could see my face!

Let's face it...we can all hide behind our masks. We all still hunger for life after Covid-19. I am ready to head out the door to embrace my life with friends and family more fully, and never take for granted all the freedoms we have in this country.

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