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So proud….

The Nashville Flood of 2010 will be in the minds of many for years to come. An event that will be the story we will tell our grandchildren. The flood was history in the making…history we could live without. I tried to drive during the storm and was so frightened by the roads underwater at every turn, I made the decision to get off the road. I was relieved to get to a safe haven and wait the storm out. Many people were not so lucky.

I had to fly out of town on Monday, after the storm and found it interesting that so few knew what had happened in our city. There was spotty news coverage every place I went…something I found very sad as our town was faced with the daunting task of rebuilding.

We have finally seen some assistance from outside the state, I believe largely due to the personal photos sent to friends around the country that have made others aware of our crisis.

I do know that I am most proud of our character as a city. Reading USA today, watching Fox News while traveling this week I heard and read stories about how our city has stepped up to help each other. What a great thing…while outside aid was slim to none in the beginning, we were able to take care of our neighbors and support those who lost everything. Not many cities can go through such devastation without looting and fighting and yet we have managed with grace, civility and dignity.

I feel blessed  to live in such a great town. If you want to help…buy a T-Shirt!

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