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Restaurant gems in a small town….

Traveling is fun when going to a big city and you know there are terrific restaurant…when you are traveling to a small mining town….one might be skeptical as to having a meal that isn’t fast food! This week I was in Bridgeport, WV and had two delicious dinners that are worth talking about. The best people to ask about where to eat are those who live in the town….Oliverio’s Italian Ristorante is a family owned business that was recommended by a colleague who had been in Bridgeport before so that is where we headed for the first night of our stay. Usually when I eat alone I only eat an entree…tonight with a table of four…we enjoyed sharing appetizers before our substantial entree arrived.

We ate amazing Angel Hair Crab Balls…Crab balls rolled in Angel Hair

The serving size is more than ample….ladies could share an

The service was attentive and very pleasant which made for an enjoyable dinner….if your in

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