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Renovate – restore to a good state of repair, modernize, refurbish, overhaul

Eight weeks ago in the midst of planning for a wedding, my fiancé and I started renovations on my condo where we will live. So…you must be thinking…is SHE nuts! Yes! I must say I thought it was a good idea until I was packing up my house of stuff and getting ready for 2 weeks of business travel when Mark says…”I think we should cover everything with plastic!” I am sure the look on my face said it all…”I’m exhausted, stressed out, I have worked my butt off just boxing up my life and NOW you want to wrap everything in PLASTIC!

In his gentle way, he hugged me and said, “Don’t worry honey, I will take care of it” and he did and 

he was so right…it saved me so much time when I began to put the house back together. I will be telling him what a terrific idea he had for the rest of my life…something that will bring a smile to his face!

During the process of repair and refurbishing…there were design considerations…color selections…house preparation… and demolition…delays…corrections and several frustrations….before the renovation was complete.

One morning while reflecting on all that was going on through these different phases of renovation, I remembered a saying “Life imitates art”… The home renovation became a life reflection…revisiting the personal design changes in my own life …considering my past, reviewing mistakes made as well as celebrating the growth and maturity (well…the maturity part may be in question periodically).

Shouldn’t we be able to see growth as a renovation in our lifetime? My own refurbishing would include weight management…finding my voice…recovering from a failed marriage, discovering my gifts…and my newest is learning to share again with my soon to be husband. Changes can be challenging, painful, discouraging or exhilarating…BUT… if we can learn to embrace the chaos, accept the learning needed, and invest in our own personal renovation….the result will

be a celebration of who we become.

The renovation is complete…how fun to see the new and improved home…fresh paint does wonders for a home. What do you need to refresh yourself. Take some time to choose just one thing you would renovate in your personal life…see where it takes you by the end of the year!

Renovate to celebrate who you will become!

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