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Remember when...

Remember when you used to know what day it was?! No longer. Today, I know what day it is only because the trash is picked up on Wednesday...that is my new definition of the days of the week. How about that exercise class you used to go to? For me that meant it was Tuesday or Thursday. Sunday was Church day...I put on a dress and wore high heels which now are collecting dust on the my shoe shelves.

I remember when I had to think about what to put I only wear shorts, skorts, exercise clothes that I don't exercise in anymore! Our laundry bill has been reduced dramatically...who wears a white starched shirt anymore...maybe the Mayor?

Remember when it was fun going out to dinner to see other friends that you knew? Needing to get out of the house, Mark and I actually went to a local restaurant, Bricktops, last night...what a novelty! We made early avoid other people. As we parked the car, we noticed the wait-staff arriving with masks on and going to the back door of the restaurant. At the open door, a staff member was taking everyone's temperature before they entered...this restaurant wants to be open and is doing everything to insure the safety of their customers. As we walk toward the entrance, we noticed that the patio had a good number of guests, social distancing and seated outside...our plan had been to eat outside. Upon entering, we notice the dining room was fairly empty so we decided to jump off the deep end and swim into the abyss...of sheer pleasure. We had a leisurely drink...quick service...a lovely meal separated by empty tables and maybe three other couples in the entire spacious room. What a wonderful time to be out of the house! We grinned at each other, so excited to be doing something normal...having fun away from home. Thank you Bricktops for a delightful dinner! If you want to get out...go early and enjoy yourself.

I know that I have taken for granted the many pleasures that we used to have...dinner with friends, being able to attend church, travel, concerts, sport venues. This Pandemic has dramatically changed our lives and many livelihoods. While we all can bemoan the changes that have prevented us from our "normal life" maybe we can look for the good. Until something is gone we seldom understand or appreciate what we have.

Today, I challenge you to see what good has come out of this time for you? I know that we can all list the bad.

My Aha Moments....

  • Find something creative to do. I have been more creative than ever because I have been home and bored out of my mind! My days used to be filled with meetings, lunches, many activities! Choose an interest you have wanted to explore and go for it!

  • Declutter Time. I have no excuse for not decluttering. Maybe next week I will take that task on!

  • Precious Times. Nothing is more valued than time with grandchildren. I have one on the west coast so I have resorted to watching her grow up via video, photos and FaceTime. How blessed we are to have the tools to keep us engaged with family wherever they happen to be. My other one lives in town. We hangout during the day so his mom can work! Ordinarily in the summer, his day would have been filled with camps and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to play golf with him, do puzzles and make wonderful memories.

  • Reconnect. I have spent more time chatting via Zoom. I have found Zoom a wonderful way to reconnect with out of town friends and relatives! When life returns to normal, I plan to use this resource as a way to stay in touch with those I care about, but seldom get to see.

  • Exercise. If you live in Nashville, being outside hasn't been much fun this year due to the heat and humidity. Golf is an activity that Mark and I love doing together hot or not! There are so many benefits to exercise...getting started is the hardest part!

  • Worship. God is where we are. Church has had to learn to adapt and change so it can minister anytime to anyone who wants to hear God's message. Our church began groups named "Communities of Belonging". We have met once a week since March for Bible Study with other church members that live in our neighborhood area. The blessing for us has been making new friends that we would have never known while studying God's Word.

  • Be adaptable and resilient. Life often requires us to be lighten up and seek out the benefits in your journey.

  • Help others. There is no better feeling than helping others. So many people are struggling and need our assistance. Make a difference in your community. Find an organization or even someone you know that can use your help.

  • Be grateful. We can always wish for what we don't have...this week embrace where we are and find joy in living our life to the fullest.

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