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Rain, rain go away…

What a week for traveling in Indiana…the air travel was a piece of cake….the drive to Terre Haute not so easy! By the time the plane had landed the lightening was flashing and the luggage kept from being off-loaded….the waiting game began. Finally, I got the rental car and emerged from the garage into light rain…not too bad for the hour drive or so I thought! Not more that 15 minutes into my drive I could see the black ominous clouds rolling in my direction…the rain got harder…moved the wipers to the faster speed….the sky was so black it was eerie and the downpour very strong….it was difficult to see anything in front of me…the trucks were moving past…but not slow enough to keep me from feeling their spray as they went past.

I remembered an email I received several months ago about putting on sunglasses when driving in a strong thunderstorm…I wondered if this would help…I groped in my large bag until I could feel my sunglasses case…at this point I decided that the rain was just too heavy to continue driving…I had to pull off to the side. I sat for 10 minutes, unzipped my sunglasses case and put on my shades! It was actually pretty amazing that I could visually see the road better….next came the hard part….getting back on the Interstate. The rain was still hard and the sky very dark so trying to estimate the distance of the cars behind me was more challenging. I finally forged ahead and got back on my drive….all of the sudden I heard pinging sounds on my car….what in the world was going on?! Hail was going on…marble size hail hitting the road left and right. I pulled off a second time and waited for the storm to subside…it wasn’t worth having an accident. After another 15 minutes of waiting I was able to drive on to my destination…I arrive at the hotel with a blue sky above….the calm after the storm.

Driving Tips:

When driving in a rain storm on the Interstate never drive with your cruise control on. If you hydroplane your car could actually accelerate.

Heavy rain can overload the wiper blades so when your visibility is limited it is best to pull off the road. Stopping at a rest stop is best, but if you must pull off the Interstate get as far off the road as possible and turn on your emergency flashers.

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