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Overloaded and overwhelmed…

My parents’ home has been on the market for over 14 months and finally sold! It is now time to get ready for the estate sale….Many of us are experiencing this event as our parents pass away. I know why my daddy didn’t want to move before he died…he did not to deal with years of stuff…it is overwhelming…a massive task to take the contents, treasures and memories of your parents and parcel them out among siblings and then sell the remaining pieces. The emotions can run deep, the sweat is really wet and the 

boxes a mile high!

My sister and I have gone thru over 60 years of memorabilia…love letters, awards, grammar school reports, our parents report cards (that was interesting), the boots we wore on our trip to Alaska in the 60’s,  as well as the monthly anniversary cards my parents gave each other (they finally began to recycle them after 30 years).

We know I travel ALOT…so yesterday when I went to the house to work on 

packing hundreds of books in dad’s library…I found myself welling up with tears at the daunting task before me….how will my siblings and I get it all done in the next 3 weeks….I am only home on weekends… coordinating movers, packers, estate pricing, house cleaning and the list goes on…..I am suddenly overwhelmed and overloaded by my action list.

It is amazing how being overwhelmed can stymie our process of getting things done…if we allow it to get the best of us we accomplish nothing. We go from being overwhelmed to becoming worried and worry is a result of our being fearful of the outcome….for me… not getting everything done in time!

So today a new day dawned, I got up this morning to have my quiet time and began to think about the task ahead…reliving the loss of my wonderful father…watching a family home emptied out for another family to build new memories…and all the work yet to be done.

Have you ever considered about how meditation and worrying are a similar action? The process of thinking about something over and over…one is positive and the other… negative!

A friend reminded me that being fretful would not change anything, but when I change my focus, I am better able to manage the task ahead. 1 Peter 5:7… Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you….

So out the door I go in my shorts, running shoes and strength to move through this challenge. I hope you cast your cares in His direction today…if you haven’t before… consider a change…it will be good for your soul!

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