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NYC’s Crazy Cabs!

NYC Taxi

Riding a cab in this city isn’t for the faint at heart or one with a sensitive stomach. All the learching and sudden stopping is enough for the strongest of stomachs. Cabbies honk as soon as the light turns green, they are fierce as they navigate the bumper to bumper cars…they have no fear or concern for those bodies in the back seat….I think they actually get a kick out of seeing the wide eyes and gapping mouths of their customers.

We got into a cab and gave directions only for the cabbie to look somewhat puzzled about where we were going….Our first mistake was staying in the cab as he proceeded to stop and start… lurching us forward into oncoming traffic to perform and unexpected u-turn in the middle of the busy street! Horns honking wildly at his maneuver. We decided our own GPS would be a good addition to this drive….of course we were told the GPS was incorrect. After seeing lights coming directly to my side of the car door while we making a right turn from the middle lane…getting out of this cab would not be a minute too soon for me…we finally arrive at our destination unscathed, but ready for a still cocktail! What a crazy experience to add to our evening of fun!

Travel Tip: Give directions before getting into the cab. If the cabbie doesn’t recognize the location find a different driver!

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