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Now this is an empty seat…

Have you ever boarded a plane with empty seats? I know you are thinking “yes, of course all the time”….I am not just talking about a seat without a passenger…I am talking about a seat without a seat! Yesterday, I boarded a small prop plane and as I stepped into the plane I noticed not one seat without a seat, but 5 seats without seats….each seat had a message “Do not occupy”…that certainly wasn’t rocket science….My first thought was “Is the plane in good condition?…Do I want to take off in this plane?”

I then remembered several times that I have been reassigned a seat due to a weight and balance issue for the plane. I often wondered how they selected some to be moved and other’s not to be moved…it appeared to be people sitting in the front of the plane and nothing to do with weight!

This usually happens when there are only a few people on the flight. Could it be this airline just removed the seat so we wouldn’t sit in that seat? I never found out…it did make for an interesting trip as I watched everyone board the plane and look at the seat they could no longer sit in….

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