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My Covid Sidekick...

There are a few good things that have come out of this pandemic. My book is one, The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap? which will release on National Nappers Day on March 15, 2021...more about that in a few weeks.

The other best thing for my heart has been my grandson! He has been virtually learning at his house or mine. I know how much he has missed being in school and not being able to play with his friends, thus I am the next best alternative to a friend. So you might be asking what do we do after virtual school?

My three kids were 20 months apart so they always had someone to pester, tease or play with....something they continue to do when we are all together. My grandson has a great imagination and loves to makeup games. I am learning to be quick on my feet and he is learning to be a great hider in Hide & Seek. I am amazed at how he can curl into a ball in the smallest of places. I used to know his hiding spots when he was little because I could hear him giggle as I called out his name...two years later it takes me much longer to locate where he might be.

Several years ago, he saw the movie, Frozen and would watch it over and over. That Christmas, his Aunt Liz gave him a gift of all things about the movie, Frozen. One was a game with a bag of soft snowballs. This year that bag has been one of his favorite activities. We each have a room where we build a fort for protection using the furniture and blankets. My grandson decides the rules and we then proceed to pummel each other with soft snowballs...somehow keeping score of who makes the most direct hits. The shouting and laughter often brings Pop out of his office to see what all the commotion is about. Last week, we actually got his aunt and his grandpop to play with us. The laughter and squealing was so good for our souls....I might have been a touch sore from the running and sliding, but how good it was to have some fun!

When we aren't having a snowball fight indoors, we are often cooking in the kitchen, building legos (which I now simply oversee the project while he builds) or outside playing on his new scooter. When the weather is great one of our favorite activities is heading to the golf course, or have on an adventure like seeing Chihuly at Cheekwood. Each year the two of us head out of town on a special road trip...this year we hope to begin that tradition again!

Do you remember special times with your grandparents? I do...I don't believe they were ever on the floor having a snowball fight with me, but I do remember my grandmother letting me wear one of her nightgowns when I spent the night...she would use a pretty cord to wrap the gown up on my small frame and then twirl me around like I was a princess. I love hearing the stories that my children share about the time they spent with their grands.

For me, this is the best way to build memories. I may not always be able to crawl on the floor or hide in an obscure space, but my grandson will have plenty of memories about the times when I could do those fun things with him. For now, I plan to keep building those memories and sharing stories that he will tell to his children. How about you?!

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