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Losing a sense of direction….

Picture this…a man exiting a hotel laden down with a briefcase flung over his right shoulder, a black pull-overnight bag in his left hand and cell phone in his right (connected to his ear of course). As he strolls to the parking area there is a distinct pause… his head turns left and then right….he goes right…another pause…looking left…..a complete circle to survey another group of parked cars….finally off he goes. I know the feeling well….arriving late to the hotel and the next morning wondering where in the world I parked the car.

As I drove to my site, I began to consider the concept of losing a sense of direction. We all lose our sense of direction over minor things like where we parked the car, but sometimes that loss of direction can be about something more important. It might be a career, a dream, a goal, a relationship, or a decision that can impact the rest of our life.

How do you handle losing your sense of direction? Do you crawl into the fetal position and cry….do you head for the refrigerator and eat everything in sight…do you retreat into your own thoughts…or do you head to the gym and exercise til you drop. I have done them all.

Maybe this year when you feel yourself losing your sense of direction, consider a different strategy. Take the bull by the horns and decide to locate the compass of your life or your heart. Taking the road less traveled may be more difficult, but may bring unexpected growth, success and happiness in the long run.

Over my lifetime, my sense of direction has wavered more than I care to think about. What I have learned is that my faith, my courage, and my determination always drives me toward my new destination.

Where will your sense of direction lead you this year?

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