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Life is gooood…

This week I have been home! I have written part of this blog entry sitting in a spa waiting for my toes to dry from

a delightful pedicure. The precious Vietnamese girl who did my pedicure… said “Teena, you work too hard and run tooo much… Your legs are sooo tight”…she was right on both counts!

My world of technology has created a 24-7 work environment that encourages overwork and delays turning off, shutting down and relaxing. Even when I am home, I am busy trying to catch up on my household agenda while continuing to work…a double whamy!

It is the small things in life that I find special when home and trying to decompress. A spa day…the pillow on my bed…curling up in the oversized green chair that my kids know is a sure bet their mom (who seldom naps) will be out like a light. It is visiting with my exercise buds at Y…meeting a close friend for lunch or if you can believe it cleaning my house… I must be nuts on this one!

Upon reflection, I often overlook the smaller pleasures of life while working hard for the larger pleasures in life…time is flying by and it goes faster with every birthday that I celebrate…my reflection may be an important life lesson. Cutting back and slowing down is a challenge for most of us…for me it is closing this laptop and living my life.

Is it time for you to stop and smell the roses in your life?

Have a blessed week.

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