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In case of emergency…

Having traveled for over 18 years without a major incident taking place other than losing my luggage which was more of an irritating inconvenience …I have discovered that I am not immune from having an accident  happen….thus I am rethinking how I pack and who should know the details of my itinerary. Being married solves some of the issues, but for single men and women it is a issue that each of us should address.

Being a weekly traveler has made me a very efficient packer. I do not like to travel with a good deal of luggage so I take just enough…(now this is for business travel of course) All bets are off when traveling for fun…as a girl has to have options…right?

Last week, I discovered that options on a business trip were necessary as well. It was late when I arrive at my hotel…so I was

heading directly to bed. Unfortunately, my tummy was not happy that evening and I became very ill. I am not sure what happened, but I blacked out and  woke up on the tile floor of the bathroom with a bump… the size of an egg on my head. Somewhat disoriented I tried to decide what to do…I needed to have someone come up and help me…but as a woman I didn’t want an emergency crew seeing me in my night clothes….TIP #1: When traveling ALONE wear PJ’s that you wouldn’t mind anyone seeing and a robe (just in case something unexpected happens).

My thought at the time…though not necessarily wise was to put on some clothes…now you remember I am an efficient packer…only the clothes for the next day….a little too professional for 2 in the morning….exercise clothes….running shorts and top not great for 35○ weather….so I put on the clothes that I had traveled in several days earlier…not great to sleep in

just in case something happened I was going to be prepared for a trip to the hospital. Tip #2Pack something casual that could be worn to a hospital, in an ambulance, or just seen by the hotel manager.

After solving this major problem…it was time to do something about the painful goose egg on my head. The manager, a woman…(boy was I relieved to hear a female voice answer my call…as it was a little easier to share the details of my incident) arrived to assess the situation…she left to get a bag of ice and soda crackers.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 3.49.10 PM

Of course like any sane woman, I accessed the internet to look up some information about the egg on my head. I decided that I did not need the EMT’s and would stay awake for a bit by keeping a bag of ice on my head. While doing this, I began to consider that they didn’t have any other information to go on if something happened to me. Not a good thing! 

Tip #3: Provide someone in your family with your hotel and flight information.while my children knew the city and state I was in…

After trying to call my son, I tried to decide which friend to call…it had to be someone special that wouldn’t mind being awoken in the middle of themorning…I quickly discovered how many people have given up their landlines and turn off their mobile phones in the evening. I felt quite alone at a time when I needed some moral support and just someone to know what had happened in case I had to go to the hospital. I did finally talk to my daughter which helped me relax knowing that she knew my circumstances. Tip #4: Choose one friend, other than family, to call if you are unable to reach a family member. This should be someone with a landline or a mobile phone that is always on…thus ensuring you have someone that can be available to help or reach family members if necessary.

The next day I called my physician. I know…I know…I have been fussed at by my family and friends. This is always an important thing to do sooner rather than later…(next time I will call sooner)…as I had sustained a concussion. Tip #5Always call your physician…if he/she isn’t available, talk to the doctor on call as to what you should do.

Life continues to be a learning experience….My hard head is still sore, my suitcase will be fuller and my daughter knows where I’m staying….Like a good scout I will be prepared if I encounter another bump on the road!

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