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In air massage….

In all my years of travel, I have never seen anyone give themselves a face massage as we prepared to land. I was fascinated as I watch a man go thru a series of movements on his face…not once, but twice! I would have taken a video…but I was following instructions and had my iPhone turned off!

I wondered if it made a difference…he looked older than me…but had fewer wrinkles…or maybe he has been doing this on all of his flights! See I know he flies alot as he was in first class….

Now I am very curious as what woman wouldn’t …or doesn’t invest in creams, facials, massages in order to stave off the “Wrinkle Arrival” as I call it! So I did a little research…remember the saying…“let your fingers do the walking”…we have moved from the yellow pages to google search…and I found a series of facial movements that can be done on an airplane.

My dilemma is how to share this information so on your next trip you will know how to be relaxed and refreshed as you bound of the airplane….

Below are a series of images (of me) that will show the movement of the hands and some brief notes of instruction from the web link below where you can rush to for more details.

1. Slowly, from forehead to temples to cheeks along the jaw, and bringing the fingertips together under the chin, then sweeping the fingers off the face and beginning again at the center of the forehead.

5 to  10 times (don’t worry about your neighbor looking at you)

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 6.58.55 PM

2. Apply pressure and gently rocking a finger or thumb over the center point to calm the mind. Hold for at least 30 seconds and breathe deeply.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 6.58.34 PM

3. Use your thumbs or your index fingers and simply apply and hold pressure over these two points for at least 30 seconds.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 6.57.41 PM

4. Keep your head upright and centered and use your thumbs by placing them at either side of the nose, beside the flares, where you feel a slight depression. Gently push in with your thumbs. You drag your thumbs across the sinuses as outlined by the red lines in the illustration, and maintain an even pressure throughout. Keep your thumbs on the face for the entire motion.

 5. Now this one was very hard to draw! The squiggles are meant to be circular movements. The muscles of the jaw area are notorious for holding, or reacting to, stress.

“Rest your thumbs on your neck or below the jaw. Take your four fingers, with your index finger at the top of the jaw and your baby finger lower along the jaw, and starting at the top of the jaw line massage along your jaw with tiny clockwise circular motions. As you do the circular motions, slowly move your fingers down along the course of your jaw until the fingers of both hands meet at the chin.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 6.40.56 PM

6. From the chin you gently push the thumbs in and drag them slowly along the skin, up the jaw line until you reach the joint. It is almost the sensation of a smile pulling your muscles upward.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 6.44.45 PM

7. I resemble Dr. Spock…don’t you think? This is actually the best one…though I might actually wait and do it in the restroom once I get off the plane. Pinch and gently pull all over the ears by taking your thumb and index finger and using them as pincers. Start from the top inside portion of the ear and gently work your way around the contour of your ear….

Now if you have a significant other…they might take care of this massage movement…then again…maybe keeping your hands to yourself is better!

I bet as you have read this…you have tried each massage so you should feel rested and relaxed…right! Keep your eyes open on your next flight…you never know what you will learn or discover!

To read more on the massage movements go to:

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