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IG, The Gram, Instgram be in the know....

I would imagine you recognize one of these names. It really depends on your may know one name or all three names. IG is simply an acronym for Instagram, The Gram is in the Urban Dictionary and all refer to Instagram. Instagram is a social media network and Instagram terms are usually hashtagged #. Most people recognize the name, others know it has something to do with photos and videos, but kids will tell you it's about DM's (direct messages).

Instagram has its own acronyms such as LB or "Likeback" if someone writes "LB"on your post they would like you to do the same for one of their posts. Have you seen "OOTD"and wondered what that meant? Well, wonder no more..."Outfit of the Day"! Use this if you are dressed formally or different from your usual outfit. "Regram" is simply their version of "retweet". Another is #nofilter which means you have posted a photo without a filter or little editing. There are many but I like this one...One more I like is "Later Gram" when you take a photo and post it weeks or months later.

One more interesting thing is in the name: Instant Camera + Telegram

Last year when Mark and I traveled to the United Kingdom. I had the best time taking photos with my new iPhone 11. I actually bought the phone before we left because of the three built-in cameras. There is something wonderful about seeing a beautiful site or sight and wanting to share it with others. Instagram is a great app for sharing experiences or the beauty in this world. We can capture a moment with our grands, see a the canals of Venice, observe a beautiful sunset and share it to friends around the world.

The app has enables me share wonderful memories with others. It marks the date and place of the photo which I love as my mind gets overwhelmed with these beautiful places we visit! I take these memories and create books that we will enjoy for years. Books are better than photo albums (which is a thing of the past) as the photos will never fade. I also love that I can add names and places because there will come a time when I am unable to remember the places we enjoyed so much.

Using Instagram is the app, create an account and you are ready to go even if you aren't one to read how to use it! This app is designed for you to bring joy, laughter, make a statement or provoke thought with your followers. A few things to know about Instagram:

  1. There are many filter options to enhance your photo, just don't over do it!

  2. A few of the popular filters are: Normal is the most popular filter, Clarendon brightens, darkens and cools the photo. Juno makes colors pop, Ludwig intensifies red colors, Lark turns up the brightness, but keeps it natural. The tips guide with show you how to locate them.

  3. Use the Hashtag # sparingly to attract new followers, or engage your group. Keep the hashtag simple!

  4. Use the Explore Tab (Magnifying Glass) to find popular photos and videos. You will find this tab will share photos that are customized to the photos and videos you have liked or have commented on.

  5. Post often to keep your audience interested.

  6. If your goal is to have a large following, then reply to your followers comments, check out their instagram accounts.

  7. Stories are for "in the moment" photos and video that will disappear in 24 hrs that can be seen at the top of the feed in circular bubbles

Some downsides to Instagram:

  • Loss of copyright - Anyone can with access to your photos can copy them

  • Beware of those marketing good and services

  • It can consume much of one's time especially if you are trying to increase your followers

Parent Guide to Instagram
Download PDF • 8.89MB

Instagram and Teens

Things to know:

  • As a parent of a teen, Instagram will not give you access to their account. due to privacy laws, so it is important to have an agreement with your teens before apps are downloaded to their devices. If the barn door is already open, the attached PDF for parent will provide so awareness and help for you and your teens.

  • Have teens set their account to Private

  • Have them agree to remove any unknown followers

  • Be sure they do not include personal information in their Profile description

  • There is the ability to filter and block unwanted comments

  • Talk to teens about Instagram scams

Did you know you can have multiple accounts on Instagram? Most teens have more than one account.

It's called a Fista Account?

This is a fake Instagram account. It is a second, private Instagram account that is shared with only a handful of users, often for friends. Finsta users share photos they wouldn’t dare share on their real Instagram, such as embarrassing faces, vulnerable emotions, and sometimes even illegal or frowned-upon behavior. These seemingly private posts can easily surface online if anyone takes a screenshot or records a video of the content.

Tip: Look at the Instagram app on your child's phone, go to their profile and look to the right of the username at the top. If you see a down arrow next to it, click on the their name and any other accounts that they have are logged into should pop-up.

Close Friends - Is Instagram's solution to give user's more tools for "private sharing" instead of creating a Finsta Account. It allows the user to share a more personal story with a close group of friends or family members and not your regular Instagram followers. The PDF will guide you through the setup process for Close Friends.

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