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I don’t understand I made a reservation…

Well today I was reminded of a Seinfeld episode  “The Reservation” when I arrive in Chicago.

My travel day started with Southwest explaining that a dent in the plane had been discovered and would need to be hammered out before we could take off…forty-five minutes later we take flight. (I wonder what type of hammer they actually used?)

Arriving in Chicago, I make my way to Hertz to get my reserved car….being a Gold member makes it easy…most days….you just look at the reader board, find your car and off you go! Well, not today…the reader board is black….I notice no lights…no names…and no cars in the Hertz lot! (only a few which I later found out they had lost the keys to these cars)

“Houston we have a problem”….I go inside the small booth and am told I will have to wait for a car…more Gold members arrive and are told there are no more cars…I am thankful I arrive ahead of the others…I am feeling pretty comfortable until a man goes up and is given a car that is the same color and type of the car I am waiting for….the agent that helped me asked the other agent where the keys on the counter went for my car…I realized my car had just been given to the man who couldn’t get out the door fast enough to get into my car! Talk about steamed! How can you not have cars for people with reservations…it doesn’t make sense?! I finally got a car twenty minutes later while other were still waiting in the wings! Just another day for a traveler tale….

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