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How about some jam with those buns?

So tell me what do you wear when you eat breakfast? When I am home I am usually in my exercise clothes, but there are days that I am more scantily dressed because I can be….I am at home!

This morning, I went down for breakfast in the hotel. This hotel didn’t have the fancy fare of a larger hotel as a matter of fact the breakfast wasn’t very good at all. I stood trying to find something to eat as a man sauntered into the food area to pick up some breakfast…as I glanced over he caught my eye immediately…tall, slender, blond hair, bare chested with red, nylon briefs….you heard me…red, nylon briefs….oh and flip flops….nothing else! I couldn’t believe it…can you imagine….just

me and the red nylons….I didn’t know where not to look…I was tempted to ask him if he wanted jam with his buns…but, I am too southern for that!

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