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What’s under the cover?

Last night I arrived to my hotel and settled into my room to do some work before I headed to bed….my goal was to be in bed early (those who know me are laughing I’m sure)…how time flies….I view the clock to discover I have missed lights out by almost two hours! Heading to the bathroom…I found myself wishing I was a man who could just brush my teeth and crawl under the covers….we women have much to do to keep a youthful glow….well…maybe youthful is a overstatement at my age…so I will just say “glow”. Back to the story…

What do you love about staying in a hotel? For me… it’s the clean sheets that I didn’t have to remove…wash..and replace…. so I looove crawling into bed with crisp, clean, white sheets….Do you see a story developing?

As I tossed the fluffed pillows and turn down the cover….oh my goodness what a mess I discovered! I found myself asking….Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Not sure who… just a sheet full of wrinkles….now let your mind go crazy thinking about that who…what…how!

I called the front desk…the  response was priceless “Oh, do you want another room?” “What do you think?”…I said.

Travel Tip: Check under the cover sooner than later..that way you have an adult manager to help resolve any issues!

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