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Holiday of firsts…

Today I drove home from Michigan…an all day drive that gave me time to reflect about my first Thanksgiving away from home. The holidays can be stressful, tiring and just plain exasperating…hopefully among these moments one will always find some laughter and levity among the ones you love.

For me…Thanksgiving 2009 was a holiday of firsts! As much as I hate to admit it…I am at the top of the food chain…the matriarch so to speak of my family…I hope I will never be considered as “domineering” as the definition suggests.

Not being with Daddy this year was hard, but being with my daughter was indeed a blessing.

This was her first time to have Thanksgiving in her home as they are usually traveling to relatives. Olivia baked her first  turkey and had a lesson in making my dressing balls (as the kids call them) All turned out very tasty.

Matt worked on carving the turkey…we watch how on the food network…it looked much easier on TV….practice makes perfect I think 🙂

Olivia and Matt have their first puppy, Layla…house breaking isn’t going as successfully as they would like. (I may contribute to a trainer fund before Layla comes to my house for Christmas!)

Watching the dynamics of a young couple assembling an early Christmas gift together is always fascinating…. (electronics can try any family)

So many things that I remember doing over thirty years ago myself. How quickly time goes by and now I have the fun of observing, helping, and listening. I hope everyone has time to think about the special moments you shared with your family over the last three days. Have a great week….You better believe that I will be at the Y tomorrow!

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