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Hmmm….what kind of cake do I want?

I rose very early this morning unable to sleep…the reason must be that I am a year older today…I remembered as a child it seemed as though my birthday would never arrive….the anticipation of birthday gifts, a birthday party and of course getting to choose what kind of cake Mama Tip (my grandmother) would create for me….oh how I loved her birthday cakes….

Her cakes were the best! She made them from scratch….delicious white cake….made with Crisco (of course) and I could choose her homemade white icing with delicate pastel flowers and roses around the cake or hand whipped caramel icing. Her icings were divine. Mama Tip was an artist when it came to cakes….each cake had a hint of orange, lemon and vanilla and was so moist that it seemed to melt in my mouth with every single bite. I loved both types of cake so it was always a difficult decision as to which one I wanted the most.I am sure my siblings and friends that are reading this blog who had the opportunity to taste one of her yummy cakes are shaking their heads right now remembering how good that cake tasted!

There was a delightful little surprise in all of Mama Tip’s birthday cakes though… that everyone in my family would giggle about when a birthday rolled around….a tradition that I carried on in my own family….her cake was not only  beautiful and scrumptious….it was also filled with money! Yes…you haven’t had a BIRTHDAY CAKE until you have had a money cake! Anyone celebrating a birthday (adults were also included from this fun) would get the traditional first piece of cake….and in that slice would be a shiny silver dollar (wrapped in foil of course)! The other slices of cake had a quarter, dime, nickel or penny….It was always such fun to see what coin was hidden in everyone’s slice of cake!

Though the anticipation of my upcoming birthdays has waned…that wonderful memory always lingers in my heart, mind and the taste buds of my mouth. How blessed I am to have those memories of a very special woman who’s gift of cooking touch many lives over the years.

So….I am heading downstairs to my kitchen to make myself a homemade Caramel Money Cake to celebrate my health, and another year of a very blessed life with amazing family and friends that make me feel loved! Live your day to the fullest and recall a special memory from you own life!

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