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Good eats on the road…

One of the good things about business travel is working in interesting places and finding local places to eat. Last week, I was working in the New Orleans area which is always a delight to one’s tasting palette! There are so many great restaurants to choose from that it can be overwhelming…I was staying outside of the French

Quarter on St Charles St which has many beautiful historic homes as well as Audobon Park and Loyola University. The trolley ran up and down the street in front of my hotel carrying visitors on a lovely street excursion.

The first night I walked to the Superior Seafood Restaurant about 9 blocks from my

hotel. As I walked the sidewalk which was filled with cracks and raised concrete caused from the roots of the beautiful oak and Magnolia trees lining the street…looking up I could see remnants from Mardi Gras…colorful beads hanging across the electrical wires and trees….a good time for many I am sure.

As I approach the corner…I see an outside eating area and the restaurant entrance. Missing lunch meant I was quite hungry so while I waited for a colleague I selected creole chips with  a blue cheese dip as an appetizer…what a great combination!

New Orleans is known for Shrimp n Grits so that is what I had for dinner…only the

south and my Mama made outstanding melt in your mouth grits…the dinner met my expectations…Delicious!

Stay tune for dinner at Jacques IMO’s…

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