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Fuzzy slippers…

Reality set in yesterday when much to my chagrin I had to board a plane for a long day of travel. Have you ever had a day when everything felt out of sync…nothing seemed to jive? Well, that was my day yesterday. In the morning, I rushed around getting everything done on my To Do list…Complete calls, put stamps on Christmas cards, pay bills, take out garbage, turn up the thermostat, turn on the dishwasher…scarf down some grilled chicken and get out the door….10 minutes behind schedule. As I am zipped (yes, I zip) to the airport, I noticed my gas gague…you guessed it…on empty. I quickly stopped at a gas station…everything was good to go until the credit card unit didn’t work…no time to go inside… forget the gas! Once in the airport and through security, I check the plane’s boarding time….it’s now leaving late…not due to a delay….just my misreading the departure time! I now was an hour ahead of schedule!

I board the small commuter with no overhead storage and narrow seats! Enter the bag lady… know her….the passenger that has a coat, scarf, purse, suitcase, paper shopping bag, and pillow in tow…she stopped at my row.

I still don’t understand why it is necessary to travel with a big or small pillow….nor why people try to crawl over you to get to their seat…I am happy to stand up and move to the aisle rather than have my toes stepped on or my head pummeled with all their paraphernalia!

Now to watch her get settled….reaching into that bag….first came the pillow, next a blanket to be spread across her

lap….the fuzzy slippers were the best….never before had I seen such multi-colored fuzzy slippers on a airplane…all I ever got from Delta were soft, blue socks for a cross country flight! Finally, disinfectant wipes for her hands (this I could understand) and lotion to keep them from drying out. All I can say is that it must have been worth it….she slept the entire flight. Maybe I can learn from the bag lady…come prepared and rest well!

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