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Flight attendant to the rescue….

There is nothing better than enjoying a Grand Starbucks coffee before getting on an airplane. The only downside is having to visit the restroom during the flight. As I watched passangers take their turn, I finally made my way to the front of the plane where the flight attendants were sitting. As I got closer to the door, I could see one of them open the door and spray deodorizer into the restroom….I considered an about face, but got into conversation with the attendants on funny things that happen as they travel.

I couldn’t delay any longer and proceeded to the restroom….It is seldom a pretty place to go and this day was no different…I had totally forgotten that my cell phone was in my back pocket. Let your mind go wild….what could be the worse thing you could imagine… a cell phone going into the toilet! Well mine (luckily or unluckily) hit the floor much to my surprise and dismay…(though it was a better option than the toilet) I didn’t want to pick it up. We all know the liquid on that floor isn’t really water!

Thanks goodness these flight attendants were prepared for such a dilemma….a little Purell went a long way.

Tip: Be sure your cell phone is securely stored some place other than your back pocket. (Next time I plan to follow my own advice)

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