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Finding peace in the midst of a holiday…

I love being home…I am out of my daily routine. Trying to get ready for the holiday requires many lists, a brain removed from teaching technology and getting back into mother mode….I think I still remember how to get there. My to do list is long…shop for  gifts, trim the tree, transform my office into a sleeping room, as well as creating a week worth of menus…oh how I need the services of an organizer!

Remember the commercial “Calgone take me away”? My close friends as well as my children would agree that it is hard for me to relax…are you that way? Would your world stop if you decide to take a break and do something for yourself?

Holidays are usually filled with stress…getting everything ready, keeping family members talking to one another, enduring parties that you would rather miss, or missing a loved one who will not be home.

What do you do to unwind or find peace in your soul? I find peace when I exercise…I know you think I am nuts… it is a great way to de-stress as well as burn up that dessert you ate at the party you didn’t want to attend! A massage is another way I relax…at one time in my life I had a counselor that encouraged me to do something for me once a month and we gradually moved to doing something weekly. A bubble bath, a manicure, a glass of wine with quiet music, read a good book…consider any of these!  

My favorite way to find peace is to curl up in my oversized chair and having a quiet time to reflect and pray…that helps me stay grounded and remember someone bigger than me is in charge. I hope that you can find a way to find peace in the midst of this Christmas season!

Go to iTunes to hear Amy Grant’s song  I Need a Silent Night which is very poignant.

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