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Fear vs. Faith

Can you believe that thirteen months ago, we were behind the closed doors of our homes? Life as we knew it stood still. I remember ordering groceries and being concerned that I would catch Covid from the brown bags delivered to my door. I sanitized all the door knobs, counter tops, and ordered as many cases of wipes and hand sanitizer bottles that I could get my hands on. My hands were raw from using so much sanitizer. My husband ordered the N95 masks to insure he could send some to his daughters who are physicians practicing in hospitals with very little protection.Today, I have more face-masks than shoes as a result of trying to find the perfect fit.

During the past year, families and friends have lost so much. Our world has been turned upside down to the point of many being scared and often paranoid to be close to others... afraid of what might happen next. There will always be something to survive, we need to learn how not be fearful and continue living a joyful, productive life.

Fear's power shuts us down, causing many to become paralyzed and sometimes to the point of not being able to function in their day to day life. Fear is unbelief that takes hold of our emotions. John 16:33 says that in this life we will experience many trials and tribulations. For every difficult and challenging event in my life, my relationship with God grew. Why...because I have spent more time in prayer and reading my Bible!

So what has happened to our faith that we are unable to feel joy under these circumstances? America has long been a nation of faith with a love for God. What has changed...have we lost our first love? Faith is believing in what we can't see. Faith is the gift from God that assures us of His love, and how He will care for us no matter the situation. Fear and Faith can never exist together! The only way our faith can grow is by having a desire to learn about God and how much He cares for us. Covid will not be our last challenge...there are many others mounting up on the horizon. So today and everyday, I need to remember that when I become fearful, I simply need to focus on two things. Study God's Word and pray. These two actions will always build up my faith in Him which allows me to let go of my fears.

What will you choose today?


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