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Diversionary tactics…

As I sit on a plane, I am poised with anticipation of who will reside in the seat next to me. Sometimes the row has three seats and I have high hopes of an empty seat in the middle. Visions of who will arrive race thru my mind! Naturally, my preference would be male, handsome and single…but I don’t always get what I want.

Ask anyone you know about their seating experiences and you will probably get an earful. The conversation might go like some of my stories…I once had someone so large that he had his arm over my seat for the entire trip….or this one…everyone could smell the odor walking down the aisle and I knew we were all wondering where this person was going to stop…you guessed it…right next to me! I tried to get moved, but the flight was full. How about this one… I sat in the bulkhead next to a mother and child who was eating a snack. That snack ended up all over the bulkhead wall and the mother when the air got rough…talk about sickening!

One seating disaster diverted!

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