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Common courtesy….

Today, common courtesy came to mind as my plane landed and we were ready to depart the bird. Why is it that people forget about being civilized and wait their turn to leave the plane. Have you ever noticed that some people fell compelled run to the front of the plane once the captain rings that bell!  Some would sooner knock you down than wait their turn. I bet those people were the line breakers at their school!

I may as well forget it if  I have something in the overhead… 5′ 2″ with eyes of blue….I have to be quick or get my rear hit as someone who is impatient moves past me rather than waiting for a moment.  Seldom is anyone compelled to help someone get their luggage out of the overhead. Chivalrous men are few and far between….How I love and appreciate it when they show up and help me out! So next time you have the urge to bolt…..just remember that there is a process to leaving a plane…those in front of you get to go first!


1. Wait your turn patiently, by allowing the the rows in front of you to step into the aisle first

2. Give someone a hand when they are struggling to get their luggage from the compartment…most women really appreciate it.

3. If you are about to miss a connection, let those in front of you know why you want to move toward the door. They will let you pass more easily.

4. If you are asked to remain in your seat so those with tight connections can deplane first…take a load off and wait patiently….you will only lose a few minutes and someone will appreciate your kindness.

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