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Coming up for air...

Yes...I went dark, not because I was bored...more like birthing a baby!

I think I will begin to breath in the near future. It began as just a book, The Nodders What! You Don't Want to Nap? It has turned into a NapTime Collection...and I really had no idea of all the things that I would be getting myself into when I began this journey. By far writing the book was the easiest; things become crazy after the book was published!

Covid wasn't much help as it was difficult to get the book noticed through any media except the media here in Nashville. As an Independent Publisher, I learned how challenging it can be to get your book noticed even with stellar reviews. Asking stores to sell your book is an uphill battle. The Nodders Book has been blessed to receive eight children's book awards since it was published in 2021.

I discovered that many young mothers don't go into bookstores as they find it quicker to shop online which meant creating Amazon Author as well as the Kindle book. All have learning curve and some are still waiting their turn to be completed. I have always felt strong and comfortable with technology until it came to redesigning my website. I have been terrified to step into the coding area until last week!

So what do you do with a website with just one book? You don't have much traffic so I decided to build a napping collection! I know you are thinking...has she lost her mind! Creating has always been my strength, I am now having to learn balance, testing and getting feedback are critical tools to have in my toolbox!

Life has so many twists and turns. We often don't see what will hit us square in the face when we step out for the adventures in our life. We will always face the unexpected. Life is about learning and being able to traverse unknown territory. It may not be creating a business, it could be about being a new parent, have a challenged life, and too many are blindsided by a serious illness. When do you take a risk? Everyone is different...taking a risk may not be your desire or a part of your story, sometimes you have no choice, but to stand strong with the life that is ahead of you.

It feels good to be blogging again...stay with me as I tell more life stories. I will be adjusting my blog sections so I can include parents with little toddlers in a section named Getting Preschool Ready! Let your friends know about Appsolutelyyoucan and a new cooking recipe

will appear next week.

Have a blessed weekend!

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