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Changing life’s flow…

I was up early this morning…thrilled to be home and ready for my morning walk. It’s a great neighborhood with amazing oak trees, lots of foliage that provide the right amount of shade. Walking early means less humidity and traffic…today I stepped outside my door with iPod in hand calculating my steps from a Nike sensor….this challenge among friends has helped me be consistent in my exercise as well as motivate my competitive nature.

The air was crisp and the humidity low….which is unusual for this time of year…I considered returning for a jacket, but kept on going. About a mile into my walk, I strolled down a favorite road with a lovely creek….sometimes the creek is dry, but this summer it has had more running water than in years past. I could hear the bubbling water and rustling leaves while my iPod played “Smile” by Uncle Kracker.

I watched the creek change as I walked the road…very much a metaphor for my life. The creek stretched the length of the road as I noticed a portion of water…mirky and quite still….similar to a time I was stuck in a place with no clear direction, much anxiety, hurt and fear of failure…Have you experienced a season in your life in which it was hard to see light at the end of the tunnel? I have always been thankful that my faith provided the direction that moved me out of the mirky mire and into a place of growth.

Over the years I changed, made mistakes and grew in many areas as I gained footing for what my life was to become….similar to the water flowing over and around the rocks, making

twists and turns around the water’s banks…over the years I found myself caught between a rock and a hard place more than once…but my Rock has always pulled me back on course when confronted with an obstacle or misguided step…

My favorite part of this creek is the bubbling, fast paced moving portion which is more representative for my life today….challenging, exciting and often overwhelming, though fulfilling. I often find it hard to maintain a pace that moves so quickly….so last week I stepped away from the rapid race and escaped to calm, serene waters for rest and reflection….something I had almost forgotten was an important part of living. What flow of life are you experiencing today? Is it time for a change? Are you ready to move away from the stagnant into the bubbling stream of life? Maybe you have been moving through a life filled with rapid waters  and you’ve forgotten how to experience a calm, serene flow of life…not just for yourself….maybe for those who love you.

Thought for the day….”Does your life flow need to change?”

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