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Change is good...

We have gone thru spring, summer and are now entering fall. How many days since life was normal? Almost 200 DAYS!!!!

Have you developed any bad habits since the pandemic began. I did some research and how many days do you think it takes to form a new habit? It is a span of 18 to 254 days to create a new habit! So the way I look at new habit has been not we are almost 200 days with Covid-19. I have a tush that has gone south; I need to do more than just close my mouth! I need to do the tighten up in order to lighten up!

For me being toned is a thing of the past! I have taken Pilates for years and those muscles have faded like the sunset...but not as pretty. As I walked the neighborhood early one morning I noticed a garage door open and someone exercising with a trainer...walking is good, but it take walking miles to lose weight. I have seen people who have lost weight during Covid....not me! I have only one person to blame...MY MAMA! She taught to love cooking! Besides the main course I love to cook desserts, cookies, sweet rolls and the sugar list continues. Covid-19 keeps everyone stressed-out and my stress reliever is cooking in my kitchen.

People have had to be creative with exercising these days! Mirror Exercise is no longer you looking into a mirror while you exercise, but a mirror with a trainer in the mirror who is pushing you to exercise more in the comfort of your home. I knew that I had to take matters into my own hands and purchase an exercise machine for home! I looked at Peloton, Pilates Reformer and Nordick Track...hoping to select the best one to get rid of the sweet rolls around my waist. Mark wasn't too sure about this investment as he's my sedentary man who always can be found with a book in his hand. We decided that the treadmill would be the best long term option so I went on the comparison hunt to find the best one to buy. Would you believe I wasn't the only one looking so it was several weeks before the fun would begin.

I was so excited when the truck pulled up and two hunky guys hopped out to unload our new workout machine....I mean, I was excited about the machine! Now this was a BIG treadmill and I couldn't wait to get walking! It weighed several hundred pounds and we had decided to put it upstairs in my office. This would allow us to use it whenever we wanted without disturbing others. The two hunks got the box in the garage and said..."hope you enjoy it!" I was like..."wait your not do we get it in the house"? Mark and I certainly couldn't lift that box! One said, "We're not allowed to touch this!"...I said, "What if I pay you?"

Well, that worked! Thank goodness for an elevator in our house or we would be exercising in the garage! They grunted and groaned as they worked to get it out of the box and into the elevator. We were all thrilled as the cash rolled out of my pocket and into theirs. Now we just had to wait for our boys!

I love my boys...they would do anything for us...but they are not strapping big hunks so when they assessed the treadmill in the elevator...I'm sure they wished they had stayed home! Getting it out of the elevator was the hardest as it was a really tight fit and extremely heavy....there was much groaning as they pulled the beast out! One casualty ensued...and one big toe was damaged in the are so tough. The best I could do was offer hefty libations for the ache and pains they received. Mark and I sat drinking and totally enjoying the fact that we didn't have to do anything! We watched them read the manual and put the entire machine together. Getting older isn't so bad when adult kids are around! Putting the equipment together was a lifesaver and they diligently worked until it was up and running so to speak!

I had no idea how fun this machine would be! To get us off our keisters, our purchase included a one year subscription to iFit, a personal interactive training program. Mark didn't know what hit him the first day he tried the machine! So many options to pass the time walking or jogging. We had to learn to navigate manual or select a trainer. We will never get bored on this treadmill. My first workout in my own home was with 20 other people. As my close friends know, I have a tendency to be competitive and I wanted to be towards the front of the pack...well...the next day when I tried to get out of bed, I discovered I might work at my own pace until I was fully back in the saddle of exercise!

We have walked through London, hiked across Alaska, I have even had the opportunity to run up a Summit in Scotland...with trainers talking about the terrain, the country and ways to stay fit. We have been walking daily and two weeks ago we began private Pilates lessons together. I never thought I would do that with my husband, but these are dire times and a girl has gotta do what she's gotta has been an experience and a story for another day, needless to say!

Sometimes it is necessary change up our routine...have you got a habit that you want to change?

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