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Catching zzz’s…

This morning I had an early flight to Oklahoma…so early that 7 out of 14 people in First Class were catching zzzzz’s on our way to Atlanta….I was thoroughly entertained watching the people around me catch those power naps in the air….it almost makes me want to take no doze just to be sure I am not one of them. Have you noticed how some people come prepared for their siesta…neck pillow, eye mask, Bose headphones (noice reduction). They have a plan…they are armed and ready. I personally don’t understand the neck pillow…it just looks uncomfortable, but many people have it wrapped around their luggage for some reason. Today, I observed several types of sleepers…I considered taking photos, but didn’t want to disturb them. 🙂

The guy in 1C was a head bobber just like the guy sitting next to me…nothing like whiplash in mid-air and you don’t even know it. No wonder we see people rubbing their necks as they exit the airplane.

The 2C guy didn’t move a muscle the entire trip. His hands were tucked beneath his belly and his head turned slightly toward the aisle.

The best place to sleep on a plane would be the window seat….you simply take a handy pillow and blanket if available and roll it up against the window and you are good to go for your power nap…we had two of those.

Now the one woman asleep had the head tilt going on…almost to her chin…she sat right across from me. The guy in back of me had his mouth wide open…it was a good thing no flies were on the plane!

I didn’t see anyone droolering or hear anyone snoring this morning which always a good thing. I have sat next to both as well as had one man gradually slump until his head landed on my shoulder…that was not cool at all!

The best kind of sleeper on a flight is a baby and we didn’t have any of those this morning until the flight was over…prior to that…they were all crying!

I did do a little research and found that for $28 you can purchase a first class air bed that will allow anyone sleep comfortably on any plane from Corporate Travel Safety.

Tips to sleep: 1. Window seat 2. Significant other’s shoulder 3. Ear plugs 4. Small Pillow

Thanks to technebish, Comedy Central and Flickr for these great images!

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