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Blessings in my life…

Have you ever had one of those days….when you make more wrong turns than right? Some people feel

that’s their life story. Fortunately today, I am talking about driving directions… I had finished my training and had a limited time to get to the airport. I was unsure of the directions to the airport which was over an hour away and no GPS. One misturn here and another misturn there…and before I knew it time was slipping away and so would my 5:20 flight…without me in the seat.

A snow storm was coming and I was trying to get home for my flight out of Nashville the next morning! As I calculated the miles per hour, I could see the distinct probability of not making the flight….when you have a situation like this what do you do? Let it go and just let the chips fall where they may…not me! I immediately said a prayer and began to figure out how I could possibly make it.

What was the known….luckily I printed my ticket…and I would carry-on my bag….that saved five to ten minutes. The car rental needed gas…forget the gas and let Hertz fill it up. I had found 10 more minutes. If I drove a little faster, but not so fast that I got a ticket….maybe a few more minutes….now I was cookin with possiblilities! Security would be the test of time…the make or break for my flight!

I arrived at the airport 25 minutes before my departure. Now the Indianapolis airport is big and where I left the car was a good 8-10 minute walk to get to security. How I hate being OJ…especially in 10 degree weather…no time to wait for a receipt from Hertz….as I inhaled the freezing cold air and schlepped all my luggage across the parking I was praying for a short security line….my heart was pounding, the stress was mounting….and all I was thinking was…I am getting too old for this!

I got to security and there were 7 people in front of me…it was now about 15 minutes before the departure time…I know how people can be when someone asks to get in front of them…they look at you with disgust…irritation…distain. I didn’t have time to think about that now….I said a small prayer that they would be kind and let me move in front of them!

I love it when life reveals the kindness, and understanding of others…everyone in that line stepped aside and let me get thru security quickly….as I ran to my gate I was ecstatic to see that it wasn’t at the end of the concourse…I made the flight! Finally I could relax and have

Later that evening while waiting for my connecting flight, I got connected to the world and listened to my cell messages…a dear friend who is a pastor had called. She said that I had been on her heart and she wanted to be sure I was ok…she was praying for me to have peace and angels all around me. Her call came in at 4:30 in the afternoon….

What an amazing reminder of the blessings in my life…I have wonderful friends praying for me and my safety on a daily basis…it doesn’t get any better than that does it!

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