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Blessings abound…

Last night walking through the airport I noticed the faces of those passing me by. Some happy to visit family for the holidays, others busy in conversation, business travelers looking tired, irritated faces from delayed flights and others deep in thought.

This year has been a challenge for most families…as I looked at the faces I found myself  wondering what struggles they had faced this year and what they would be thankful for.

Have you taken time to consider your blessings?

Some travelers saw me teary eyed this week as it is my first holiday without my daddy known to many as “Big D”.  How thankful I am for all the years I had with him and for the life lessons that he taught me.

I am blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter in Michigan to love me through this holiday event.

I have wonderful friends who care about me.

I am especially thankful for a free country to live in and for service men and women who fight for my freedom. I try to let them know every time I see them in the airport.

Who are you thankful for?

This year consider letting someone know how much you appreciate what they have done for you or invite someone who might be alone to join you for Thanksgiving dinner.

Everyone show your thankfulness!

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