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Birth days…..

So another year has past and I sit in my hotel room contemplating the 58 years of my life. I remember thinking my mother was old when she turned 59….it doesn’t seem that old to me now…though I have had the discussion with Chuck, my dear friend and hair stylist, about when to finally go….yep…you guessed it…gray. Why does it get harder to celebrate life as we see that number on the rise and the wrinkles around our eyes?

Tomorrow, I will CELEBRATE the fact that I have lived 21184.0475 days…which would mean I have brushed my teeth over 40,000 times. I have prepared over 31776 meals since my mid twenties and have showered over….oh who really wants to know that!

I have had the opportunity to see 44 states and 12 countries…I have trained over 500 teachers in the last year.

Some of my days have had remarkable moments, while others have left me with heartache and disappointment…and yet they are what makes me…Tina.

What I do know is that I miss my friends that have gone too soon…and  I am praying for friends who are fighting

for a next day or month or year of life…so this year I plan to enjoy every minute with my friends that love me so much.

Thought for the day: Have you decided to stop celebrating your birth? Consider the alternative…time is a precious commodity that can slip away at any moment…don’t wait a second…go ahead…CELEBRATE!

I am going to celebrate for more than one day….three days….how about the rest of my life and love every wrinkle that comes with it!

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