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Attention to details…

Have you ever noticed that when you travel giving attention to details is really important? Even as a seasoned traveller, I sometimes forget to give attention to details and I get a wake up call to focus!

Example 1: When flying Southwest Airlines, I put an alarm on my phone to remind me to check-in 24 hours ahead…or I forget and my ticket will be in the “C” group and I have to sit in the middle and in the back of the airplane which makes me claustrophobic….NOT GOOD!

Example 2: If working in a small town… I need to know which airport is closest to my destination. It often mean the difference in driving 30 to 60 minutes more to my destination.

Example 3: When flying into small airports it is important to know their flight schedules as small airports may only have 2-4 flights a day. If you want to leave late in the day  you may discover you have to wait til morning due to limited flights.

Example 4: When using a GPS for directions it works better you don’t talk on the phone while driving. Being engaged in a conversation may result in missing an exit or taking you to places unknown such as arriving at the Mexican border…it has happened to me….attention to detail derailed!

Example 5: With checked baggage fees being ridiculous…it only gets worse if your bag is over the 50 pound limit. Being over 1 or 20 pounds will bring a $50 fee. Now 1 pound can more easily be removed than 8 pounds which I discovered this week as I traveled for 10 days! There was no way I could remove that 8 pounds….I was traveling to two cities…so as I left NC to go to Chicago I layered myself with as much clothing and my heaviest boots determined  to remove 8 pounds of overage and not incur another $50 fee…Checking in I discovered I had done pretty well…I was wearing 6 pounds…I looked heavy, my suitcase lighter, but still 2 pounds over much to my disappointment. The wonderful skycap let it slide…needless to say I

was quite warm on the plane, but I had saved $50.00! Learning to pack within the limits can be a challenge…

Example 6:  Never assume  the connecting gate on your ticket or the flight board at the gate is correct. Gates changes happen frequently and there is nothing worse than getting to a gate only to discover you must go to another concourse to catch your flight! Be sure to check the flight boards on the concourse to insure where you are going. Doing the OJ is not fun!

Example 7: Finally…hotel reservations require attention to details…make your requests known when you make your reservation…such as a room away from the elevator and ice machine if you don’t like noise, non-snoking if you have allergies, double beds if you don’t want a sleeping buddy, first floor if you are scared of heights, as well as the availability of early check-in! Making these requests up front will make your trip more enjoyable with fewer surprises upon arrival.

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