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Are your resolutions egocentric or sociocentric….

1. Resolve to get involved with a charity on a monthly basis. I bet we would see dramatic changes in our communities.

2. Resolve to help others… Can you regularly give to your place of worship for the care of those less fortunate? (we might put a dent in the homeless problem.)

3. Resolve to be civil and courteous to those around you…we don’t have to be first all the time….consider those around you! Wait…practice being patient…relax! This means no road rage.

4. Resolve to bring about change…Wouldn’t it be great to see congress resolve to work with one another in a bipartisan fashion? If this change isn’t seen on both sides of the

What will you resolve to do that will impact those around you?

#egocentric #helpothers #congress #charity #change #resolutions #sociocentric

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